Saturday, January 31, 2009

11 months more

today is the last day of the first month the the year 2009. an occasion so momentous, i want to take dedicate a whole post, a whole salamagan post, favorite annual planner.

for five years now, i have been using the planner Pioneer Insurance gives out to its friends and valued clients. i am neither to pioneer insurance. i just get them from either my former boss or eldest sister.

i've seen better planners. the collector's planner ING gave out in 2002 still makes me regret not being on their friends list. leather bound, gilded pages, the yummiest paper ever. sigh.

but pioneer insurance planner and i, we go a looooong way back.

on cold, lonely days, i get out my planners, look lovingly at each entry, and say to myself: you have not been lazy naman pala this past five years, yen.


  1. this is the first year that i am actually using a planner. and i'm starting off with the one starbucks gave out during a promo.

    and i realize just how hard it is to keep up with the planner. almost all the january pages are blank, even if i have work and meetings everyday. =(


  2. my ideal is 30 minutes before i go home, i list down the things i need to do the following day.

    ironically, i am more efficient during those days when my list is long rather than on days when it's blank.

  3. I need a new moleskine planner for 2009...ugh

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