Thursday, January 8, 2009

proud of my sister and my mother

this was my busiest christmas in a long time. i gave birth to a tiny business in a typical yenyen way, that is, very whirlwindy and impulsive. mba professors will laugh and snort so hard at my strategies that their cardiac muscles will go into intense spasms and and they'll keel over dead but who cares? not i. who needs them when i have my business genius friend ivy and brian tracy to turn to?

but this post is not about what my business is. it is what what you may call a non-sequitur post. "non sequitur" is my late great father's favorite response when he wanted to make you die in shame for your arrogant proclamations (i had plenty of those as a kid. even now, actually). my non sequitur posts consist of a lead totally unrelated to everything else that follows.

my sister anna had a party at my mother's place in san roque soon after new year's day. invited were 15 of her high school classmates from good old St. Joseph School on Camins. She wanted it to be a sit-down dinner with a kick ass styled table. sister had a specific look in mind. mommy, the greatest rat pack governor ramos avenue has ever known, gamely allowed us to mess with her stuff (if you know her, you will know this is a bible-level miracle).

and so this is how it finally looked:

a detail shot

sampaloc, oranges, and chestnuts. haha. did i tell you what she served her friends? they had thai-inspired bagoong rice, some kind of beef stew that i think had both kofta powder from the middle east and korean chili powder (but don't take my word for it. peace, sister), tom yum soup, some kind of salsa with lots of coriander, and my mom's leche flan (one baked, the other steamed. verdict: stick to steaming them mother dearest).

the first picture above was orange-y (i refer to the coloration of the picture itself, not the fruits on the table) but this one below is not. the orange colored one is actually truer, in fact, because that was the color of the sun at that time. but i like the sharper image in the second and third pictures. if you think i am full of shit , you are forgiven because you are right.

everything you see is from my mother's cupboards and garden. except for the fruits and the 7.50 per piece glasses. the party took place in my mother's lanai. fancy name for what was before a dinky balkon.

and of course they drank.

problem is, sister forgot to prepare pulutan. her guests left past midnight, their bellies half filled with roasted peanuts.

i am not posting the party pictures because they are not worth a posting. they were having too much of a good time, i guess, or too drunk, to be more careful with documentation.


  1. dang!!! had i known u will blab about my dinner, i would have set the table "more properly". as in, complete silver & glassware and not the very pedestrian fork and spoon combo. lol. but i didnt want to scare my friends who i guess were expecting barbecued everything. btw, please stick with your crafts and words. leave recipes alone. i didnt put together middle eastern kofta mix and korean chili powder in one dish. thats war!!! thanks for the rescue though. we're very proud of you too. aaaaaawwww

  2. Very nice! Very town and country….loving it! Btw, Karina told me you guys met when Vina was in town

  3. thanks (on behalf of mommy and ate dearest).

    karina and her very fashionable daughters (the elder one had one green and one black - i think - socks. so fashion forward for someone her age, don't you think? good for her.) were on the same plane coming home this weekend.

  4. oh wow, coming home from Roxas to pick up Kaira and KC. I havent gotten the chance to realy bond with the kids when I was home since both were in Roxas ugh....I should have invited you for coffee with karina.....probably holy week?

  5. coffee with you and karina sounds nice.

    maybe in my next manila raid, we can hook up too. :)


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