Friday, January 30, 2009

zamboanga bloggers

my friend ryann elumba over at seed interactive is trying to create a database of zamboangueño bloggers. He says:

"This petition is for all Zamboangueños (even those who are living in another city or country) who own a blog...Zamboanga bloggers can participate regardless of the type of blog service provider (i.e. blogspot, wordpress, multiply, friendster)."

thanks ryann for initiating this worthwhile project. i hope many will submit their blogs for inclusion.


  1. there are a lot....of shy ones, i think.

  2. hello maam yen. thanks for promoting. finally i got the list up on my blog. this is just temporary. soon I will be sending invites for the bloggers meetup to come up with a news and lifestyle blog/ site for zamboanga.

    many help from many will be needed. thanks. :)


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