Monday, January 19, 2009

i need 2919 australian dollars

do you know what pandora beads are? you don't? well you should!

i spent a good part of this morning going crazy "buying" pandora beads and i have the CUTEST personalized bracelet to show for it.

head on over to pandorabeads and go to their bracelet builder.


  1. you don't know the half of it, buddha banana. haha.

  2. i have been meaning to make storya my ignorance.

    my officemate gave me 3 enamel pandora beads in a ziplocked baggie when she came back from a vacation abroad. i threw them into my office drawer thinking "bien kuripot".

    i never even knew i had 3 pieces til i checked back on it recently. and i never thought they were a craze (and expensive) until i read this.

    how ignorant!

  3. emillene, did she give you a pandora cord, either bracelet or necklace length, to go with them? the beads only work properly with those.

    if not, kulitin mo yung officemate mo na kumpletuhin yung pasalubong. hehe.

  4. uhm...

    i think you are referring to the black power cord-like thing? the one with something like a clasp on both ends...?

    kasi i thought it was a bracelet by itself. kasi how will i make tuhog the beads, when there's already a clasp? i even thought to wear the cord lang, but it was a bit loose.

    i feel really bad na. hehe

    if that black power cord-like thing is the pandora cord, it is now holding together quite a big roll of papers on my desk.

  5. emillene, yes the "power cord", as you refer to it, is it. the clasps at the end can supposedly be unscrewed to allow you to string the three beads you have and stop the same from falling off.

    or so i think. because, as you know, i don't have a pandora anything yet. unlike lucky you...


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