Thursday, January 29, 2009

my boa constrictor

if he could swallow the book whole like a boa constrictor, he would. the reason why i am posting this photo now is to commemorate a new love: bicycling. and instances of him lounging like this are on the wane.

his first bike run was along the highway near our place (this is not his first time to ride a bike. he learned how to about three years ago then forgot all about it). he came home with a badly abraded ankle and knee and a grin that reached his temples. the second run was a secret until he arrived home, filthy, recounting his ride from our house, to san jose, then baliwasan, then camins, then sta. maria, then back home to san roque. the third time, just this weekend, he went to boulevard! by himself! alone! solo! without a companion!

something has finally captivated him as passionately as reading has.

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