Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i need five biogesics

i am in great pain here, now.

i need to create a multiply account for my baby racket. i thought very long and hard about a great username and finally decided on yenblanco. yes, it's imaginative, thanks very much.

and what do you know, multiply rejects my application because the name is "already in use".

someone is using MY name? someone is representing herself as me? that's illegal, right?

but it turns out that i am just not as unique as i thought i was. there she was, the other yenblanco, sitting right smack in the middle of the website that i thought was my birthright. another set of parents named their child yen blanco too. mom, dad (i know you are reading this, if not over my shoulder -- spooky --, then in heaven. the whole heaven's probably a wifi cafe), i am so disappointed in your failure to provide me with a more distinctive monicker.

i wonder if this other yenblanco would be nice enough to give me her multiply account? maybe i should email her. she looked nice in the picture...


  1. someone also checked out my multiply account named yendelgado...yendelgado.multiply.com... it was weird. thought 'twas you...and the headshot picture looked like jana (or is it janna?)

    turns out, it wasn't. or was it ?

  2. could not have been me.

    is this other yen trying to assume my identity?

    poor misguided soul......

  3. wait! you mean, aside from a yenblanco clone, i now have a yendelgado clone?

    ** i just checked out the site. definitely not me. no offense meant but those aren't my colors nor design aesthetics. but i definitely have another clone. sigh. i wonder if i have legal options here...


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