Thursday, May 6, 2010

bloody week

jana was sick to the core yesterday at the prospect of having a pin prick her for complete blood count that she could not muster enough resources to produce a few ml for the urinalysis we were also required to do.

we spent 30 minutes in the hot, humid and crowded sia laboratory behind oro wonder drug near puericulture waiting for our turn as well as waiting for jana's bladder to cooperate. she used the time futilely, explaining to us how she wasn't sick any more, how she will never have a major allergic attack again because she will never ever eat tuna fish, egg, hotdog, chocolate, how her temperature at the neck is "cold" already, and so is the forehead, just please, let us not have blood test.

but her parents' hearts, they are not gold but diamond: cold and unpenetrable.

blood extraction she must have.

and it wasn't as if they needed to get a test-tube full (like what they did in WMMC lab before). they just needed enough to smear four slides and fill up a capillary tube. the CBC required only three slides and you can blame me for the fourth. i added blood typing to the list of tests at the last minute. i figured, best to do it now than have to convene congress again to pass a law requiring her to return to the lab in the future for yet another extraction.

when we returned an hour later to get the result, she was in a better mood.

jana: what's my blood type, mama?

mama: "O".

jana: ha? di ba last time it was "R"?

two weekends ago when she asked, i did tell her her blood type was "R". for Red. i had to shush her to make sure the lab tech didn't catch that but by the time that i did, she was already looking at us funny.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

kath, sophie, jen, and yen

a couple of days ago, i got an unexpected but very welcome visit at the office from a college friend, kathy go. when she came in the door, her.......prettiness just blew me away. jeez. she was even more smashing now than she was in college and that is saying a lot as she was ms national sara lee poster girl.

of course we talked our heads off. about this and that and everything else under the sun. she's a stewardess with cathay pacific (see what i mean?) and when i asked her what she loved best about her job, her answer was simple: "everything".

and of course we took photos. since kathy is insisting on looking ravishing, i will insist on doing the same too:

that's kathy in black with me as sophie marceau and then me as jennifer connelly. don't we look equally exquisite?

kathy and i, between the two of us, held an election for our college class' officers. she nominated me muse and i nominated her president. we voted unanimously for both positions and we swore ourselves in. that made us both so very happy.

here's to you, kath! thanks so much for dropping by and i look forward to the next. maybe in that next one, we can do lunch already. :)