Friday, April 24, 2009

leonine queen

my drug of choice now is kings of leon.

lovely picture, no? they look like the john, paul, george, and ringo at around the time beatles wanted to break-up: unwashed, uncombed hair, mustache, jeans that are skinny and bell-bottomed at the same time, lots of browns and oranges.

and the frowns and smirks. if you were an artist in the seventies, you were not allowed to smile. you had to either look as if you were thinking deep thoughts, or stoned.

january kanindot, the prettiest girl at the university press (never mind that she is the only girl there), allowed me to pirate two kings of leon albums off her laptop. and now i can't stop listening to it.

if i can marry songs, then i'd be happily, monogamously married to "i want you" albeit covetously eyeing (listening?) to "closer", "manhattan", and "be somebody".

definitely some of the sexiest songs i've heard in a very long time. the frantic drums in "be somebody" makes me laugh (in a good way) but that's about the only description i will put down here. i don't want to sound like an priggish music columnist.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

grass green with envy

my mom annabella and my sisters anna and blanca anne (yes, we like the name anna. two grand kids sport a variation of the name. hey, my super secret real name is even a mutation of it) visited still another sister (yes, aside from having too many annas, we have too many girls in the family) based in Connecticut in the US of A in March.

in the photo above are, from left to right, my gorgeous sisters anna and blanca, my mom (why are you wearing a purple puffy jacket mommy?), and a very pretty....cousin? that means my sister girlie was being a gracious host and taking pictures.

mother is still there, abandoned in part by my sisters because of their careers but mostly because they want to retain their sanity for a couple more years.

my mom. she bought a pillow to bring home to the philippines. it now patiently waits curled inside a balikbayan box in the sala of an aunt in new jersey. just an ordinary pillow, not the goose down filled variety. just an ordinary made-in-china pillow you will find for sure in the famous shoppers' chain of stores of zamboanga.

anyone else would have used that space taken up by the pillow for bringing home make-up, chocolates, and star, people, us weekly, and enquirer magazines. but my mom. she is the opposite of anyone else. and you are supposed to let her be. that is the rule.

i don't know what that gray building behind them is. but doesn't the grass remind you of a tennis ball? it's almost neon green.

my sister anna visits on average two countries a year. my sister blanca has travelled the world. her husband used to be captain of an ocean-going ship, for crying out loud. my mom leaves zamboanga probably every two months.

like the rest of the family, i am infected with the wanderlust too. but you know what is so beyond pathetic? the farthest i have ever been to is hongkong. syet.

"A tomboy ran away with my market money!"

a thieving lesbian is apparently on the loose in the city. i read about it here.

its an op/ed, a blog entry, a news item (mainly because it is in the news section), a cautionary tale, an entertainment and lifestyle story all rolled into one. In other words, the pinnacle of convergence journalism!

Friday, April 17, 2009


so i am having this running argument with husband about the name of this blog.

to his (admittedly paranoid) mind, the name Zamboanga Girl suggests the blog is a portal to a white slavery operation.

i think my poor husband is honestly scared i am going to get indecent proposals from foreigners via blog comments.

i say bring it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A beautiful place

the main campus of ateneo de zamboanga university isn't really a beauty. it's okay, you know, clean, utilitarian.

there is one place in campus though that IS indisputably beautiful and that is the gallery of the peninsula and the archipelago.

good thing then that the powers that be of this school placed it by gate 1 because it does create quite an impression, no?

on the threshold, this is what you'll see when you glance right

and then when you glance left, a blue wall that inspires you to be anything but

one of those two birds on the white pedestals in the far corner is a bronze sculpture by the national artist imao who is from around here. he had an exhibit here soon after this gallery was opened. here is a close-up. if this item suddenly goes missing, it would probably be because i brought it home.

i really like the dividers here. naturally stained wood slats punctuated with iron ends/legs in the form of ancient warrior's shields.

do you see the bench in the foreground above? that was made from true-blue ateneo trees that were felled when the new college building (a truly ugly structure) was being built. oh well. they might have cut down those beautiful trees that shielded my classmates and i as we we watched soccer (or more truthfully, the boys who played soccer) so many years ago (by now, those soccer boys would not make it halfway through the field walking, much less dribbling a ball) but at least they found a very good use for it. there are several of these benches in the gallery.

i just realized i was not able to take pictures of the other walls. i only have one of the blue wall. the other sections have different color walls, but of the same intensity as the blue. you'd think it would look like a kindergarten classroom, but really, it does not. it's actually pretty sophisticated. there's a red wall, a yellow wall, violet, green. amazingly enough, they don't clash. i would hazard that it's supposed to reference a vinta's sail.

the architect is rodel falcasantos, a local guy. of course. a local architect to design a gallery that will feature local artists. i've heard of this person a long time ago, he did work for my former bosses over at TV 11. He did the station, i think, and he did their other stores too.

though i love the main part of the gallery, the place i gravitate towards when i visit is the workshop and library at the back.

such a restful place. the pale walls a reprieve after the bright colors of the walls and the paintings in the main exhibit area. and great art books too.

it's also here that my favorite painting hangs.

it's by edwin jumalon. he probably spent seven million days doing the short horizontal strokes up and down the canvas. beautiful. and that is saying a lot because i normally do not like yellow green.

a pity it's too big to fit in my bag. unlike the bronze bird.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I have a feeling I have already written about this before

i got a spate of twitter announcements in my email recently from people of varying levels of acquaintance. of course i did what twitter intended for me to do: check my long-forsaken twitter account.

twitter wizards are in for a disappointment though, in my case, at least.

i still don't get it.

i don't see why people are jumping up and down over the site. the only thing i like about it is it's cute and spare design. other than that, nothing.

well, that's one more online account headed for my virtual cemetery. vigil starts tonight. donations, preferably cash, to the bereaved account owner, poor distraught me, are..........expected.

that leaves me with the following accounts:

1. this blog, of course. it has many things going for it, the most important being its saintly tolerance of my serial criminal-level neglect.

2. my shelfari. it's supposed to be a social networking site for people who like to read books. well, it's proving to be pretty useful to me as a virtual library, helping me keep track of books i have read, books i want to read, and books i regret reading. but it's not doing much for me in terms of networking. i guess i am a lone wolf when it comes to reading. some people like to come together and discuss the finer points of the a literary piece. me, i prefer escaping to a story in blissful solitude.

3. my 43things. but lately this site, another social networking thingy, has been making me sad. i used to have so much fun listing things i would like to do. many, no, all of them, crazy. i gleefully read others' goals too, and cheered the ones i found intriguing, worthwhile, interesting, or, again, crazy. but recently, other peoples' "things" have become progressively and gaggingly....earnest. sad. so sad. people in this site used to strive to such things as "learn how to win a fight with my husband ALL the time". now, people just want to "drink water every time I am thirsty", as opposed, i guess, to drinking juice, or cola, or vodka. i don't know.

another of my online account that should be on the verge of committing suicide by now is my flickr.

to my flickr: hold on girl. i pledged over the holy week to keep my camera about my person at all times. see? it's in my bag right now, not half a meter away from me. you should have content soon enough.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

rabid recruiter

These are here for my friend f. willy.

New Moon
Breaking Dawn
Midnight Sun


yes my friends. i have become the twilight equivalent of the avon lady.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

relieving drudgery at petit barracks

a good part of my family's time and money last month was spent on formalizing our baby racket. (the better part was spent on this, haha). husband, who has more experience than me in registering a business, did most of the work. i only went with him when my presence - aka my signature - was needed.

to while away the time as we waited, waited, and then waited some more at
BIR, DTI, city licensing, city health, city police, city treasurer, city jail (joke. even listing them down here makes me want to pull my hair out at the memory of the mind-killing drudgery and i HAVE TO insert a joke somewhere to keep me sane), i brought along my camera.

this is city health. that is what oficina de salud means, for those of you who do not know any better.

this is where you can wait, wait, wait as the salud people inside attend to your needs s-l-o-w-l-y. but at least the waiting can be done in style, don't you think?

while i was taking these pictures, my husband was doing all the things our city government graciously enough listed in the surprisingly easy to understand billboard here. our taxes, for once, working to make our lives easier! yey!

city health is on petit barracks, one of the nicest places in the city. i wanted to take pictures of the acacia-lined street and the other old buildings in the area but i really thought that husband would not like it if, when it was FINALLY our turn at the window and he needed my signature or something, i would be missing. i still value my life and limbs so i only took pictures of things that were within shouting distance of my already frazzled husband. this old structure was only a building away from oficina de salud.

the house next to it was more picturesque but you already know why i could not, at that time, take a picture of it.