Friday, April 24, 2009

leonine queen

my drug of choice now is kings of leon.

lovely picture, no? they look like the john, paul, george, and ringo at around the time beatles wanted to break-up: unwashed, uncombed hair, mustache, jeans that are skinny and bell-bottomed at the same time, lots of browns and oranges.

and the frowns and smirks. if you were an artist in the seventies, you were not allowed to smile. you had to either look as if you were thinking deep thoughts, or stoned.

january kanindot, the prettiest girl at the university press (never mind that she is the only girl there), allowed me to pirate two kings of leon albums off her laptop. and now i can't stop listening to it.

if i can marry songs, then i'd be happily, monogamously married to "i want you" albeit covetously eyeing (listening?) to "closer", "manhattan", and "be somebody".

definitely some of the sexiest songs i've heard in a very long time. the frantic drums in "be somebody" makes me laugh (in a good way) but that's about the only description i will put down here. i don't want to sound like an priggish music columnist.

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