Tuesday, April 7, 2009

relieving drudgery at petit barracks

a good part of my family's time and money last month was spent on formalizing our baby racket. (the better part was spent on this, haha). husband, who has more experience than me in registering a business, did most of the work. i only went with him when my presence - aka my signature - was needed.

to while away the time as we waited, waited, and then waited some more at
BIR, DTI, city licensing, city health, city police, city treasurer, city jail (joke. even listing them down here makes me want to pull my hair out at the memory of the mind-killing drudgery and i HAVE TO insert a joke somewhere to keep me sane), i brought along my camera.

this is city health. that is what oficina de salud means, for those of you who do not know any better.

this is where you can wait, wait, wait as the salud people inside attend to your needs s-l-o-w-l-y. but at least the waiting can be done in style, don't you think?

while i was taking these pictures, my husband was doing all the things our city government graciously enough listed in the surprisingly easy to understand billboard here. our taxes, for once, working to make our lives easier! yey!

city health is on petit barracks, one of the nicest places in the city. i wanted to take pictures of the acacia-lined street and the other old buildings in the area but i really thought that husband would not like it if, when it was FINALLY our turn at the window and he needed my signature or something, i would be missing. i still value my life and limbs so i only took pictures of things that were within shouting distance of my already frazzled husband. this old structure was only a building away from oficina de salud.

the house next to it was more picturesque but you already know why i could not, at that time, take a picture of it.

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