Friday, March 27, 2009

in crush

i am so deeply in crush with edward cullen its disgusting.

in the past two weeks i managed to read all five books in the series (yes, even the aborted fetus of a book that is midnight sun) AT LEAST TWO TIMES EACH and watch the dvd FOUR TIMES.

to fully realize the magnitude of that accomplishment, you have to know that last week was exam week of BOTH my two elder kids and my three college classes.

and while i love watching movies, i am the kind who has to let at least a month pass before i will watch the same one again.

but no. for edward cullen, i repeated and repeated and repeated. i have been staying awake til 2am on average. i sneak in a film viewing at lunch break. i download stills from the movie into my laptop. i keep everything a secret from my husband (he wouldn't understand) and my eldest son (he would understand too much and would tease me endlessly about it).

and they weren't even good books nor movie.

yes, i am infatuated. its horribly juvenile but so delightful at the same time. sort of reminds me of the years before 1993, my crush years. i miss my crushes (obet, alan, ericson, another alan, michael, terby). their existence made my teenage years extraordinary. for that, i am eternally grateful and so i hope they are somewhere happy. hopefully, for their sakes as well as mine, somewhere away from this blog. more specifically, away from this particular post.

so i really though my crush days were over. and then he came. move over ariel delgado. make room for the new vampire in my life:


  1. if someone else told me that you were crushing on cullen, i would probably sock them in the face for lying. *hard laugh*

  2. two months ago, emillene, i would probably do the same.

    i am trying so hard to "forget" cullen (gagging here) by reading other books: a sappy nicholas sparks, a crispy jodi picoult. no go. i relate everything back to him whom-i-don't-want-to-name-anymore.

    pathetic, i know.

  3. hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha


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