Monday, February 2, 2009

kate moss wants my halo-halo

i love, love, love, LOVE icy edibles.

i can't resist ice candy, slurpee, ice drop, refrigerator cake, buko salad.

surprisingly, i don't like all ice cream. from nestle's (or is it magnolia? the one with the annoyingly upbeat jingle) roving vendors, i prefer the icy treats rather than the creamy ones: jelly tongue over drum stick.

what i do love with all my black, well, gray, heart is halo-halo.

my sister treated me to razon's halo-halo at market-market in ft. bonifacio. it was very good. i sort of wanted to stop eating when she told me 1/3rd into my tall glass that the secret to its unusual creaminess is carabao milk. eww.

but my pagka haragan (the chavacano word for matakaw but which i prefer because it sounds ruder) prevailed and i finished my razon's hh 'til the last single drop, even as i shivered and huddled into my too-thin blouse, not expecting what the news program later reported as an cold front.

last weekend, i had halo-halo again. but no razon's in zamboanga. so i had this.

it's only Ps 10 from a stall on the side entrance of LB Supermarket on tumaga. I told them to hold the red food coloring because i am more than 8 years old.

let's be realistic. it was only 10 pesos. the plastic glass probably cost 1.25. the plastic spoon, .65. the ice, maybe .50 cents. so they had to make do with a little over 7 for the milk, banana, sago, ube jam, nangka. so all that considered, the halo-halo was good. the razon's probably cost my sister between 75 to 100.

look at the photo again. even kate moss was looking at my halo-halo with desire in her eyes.


  1. LOL

    i don't know why halo halo is so delicious. but it really is.

    next time you're in manila, you should go to this place in ongpin called president's (or president's something) they have this halo halo wherein the shaved ice is actually frozen sugarcane juice that they make themselves.

  2. that sounds very delicious. i hope i can find someone to bring me there. i have the weirdest sense of direction there.

  3. haragan! hahahaha oh my... best halo-halo in Zamboanga - Country CHICKEN!

    here, it's Milkyway along Arnaiz and treat when you're in town.


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