Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I have a feeling I have already written about this before

i got a spate of twitter announcements in my email recently from people of varying levels of acquaintance. of course i did what twitter intended for me to do: check my long-forsaken twitter account.

twitter wizards are in for a disappointment though, in my case, at least.

i still don't get it.

i don't see why people are jumping up and down over the site. the only thing i like about it is it's cute and spare design. other than that, nothing.

well, that's one more online account headed for my virtual cemetery. vigil starts tonight. donations, preferably cash, to the bereaved account owner, poor distraught me, are..........expected.

that leaves me with the following accounts:

1. this blog, of course. it has many things going for it, the most important being its saintly tolerance of my serial criminal-level neglect.

2. my shelfari. it's supposed to be a social networking site for people who like to read books. well, it's proving to be pretty useful to me as a virtual library, helping me keep track of books i have read, books i want to read, and books i regret reading. but it's not doing much for me in terms of networking. i guess i am a lone wolf when it comes to reading. some people like to come together and discuss the finer points of the a literary piece. me, i prefer escaping to a story in blissful solitude.

3. my 43things. but lately this site, another social networking thingy, has been making me sad. i used to have so much fun listing things i would like to do. many, no, all of them, crazy. i gleefully read others' goals too, and cheered the ones i found intriguing, worthwhile, interesting, or, again, crazy. but recently, other peoples' "things" have become progressively and gaggingly....earnest. sad. so sad. people in this site used to strive to such things as "learn how to win a fight with my husband ALL the time". now, people just want to "drink water every time I am thirsty", as opposed, i guess, to drinking juice, or cola, or vodka. i don't know.

another of my online account that should be on the verge of committing suicide by now is my flickr.

to my flickr: hold on girl. i pledged over the holy week to keep my camera about my person at all times. see? it's in my bag right now, not half a meter away from me. you should have content soon enough.


  1. hi zamboanga girl asan ka ngayon. taga sta. maria zamboanga city pala ako

  2. hi johnlazy. welcome to my blog. i am in pueblo right now. :)


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