Thursday, September 3, 2009

oh george

this is george. he is my son rashdi's dog. he is about one thousand times bigger now than he is here. george was given to us by my brother monching and his wife mimi. monching claims he is a mongrel with a lot of belgian malinois in him. his great granny was supposed to be a canine of the phil national police.

since we moved, i have not seen george. he is still with my mother's, being cared for by cousin rani. rashdi visits him almost daily. this weekend, we're getting him. i hope he doesn't develop separation anxiety.


  1. We at had linked to your site. Hope you can reciprocate. Check out

  2. does this have anak already!?! Please tell rashdi I will adopt.A grey one or brown will be good :D

  3. kenny! your question shocks me to my very soul. baby pa lang yang baby ng baby ko. you are bad. talking about anaks na.... you want me to be a great granny already????


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