Tuesday, September 8, 2009

bitten by a bug

husband and i are on our way to Sia Laboratory to have his blood and urine checked. (sorry i had to mention that papa. but i have an honesty pledge with myself for this blog. you'll argue that i could just have omitted the fact, but that would still constitute dishonesty. i think...). he fears it is dengue. he's paranoid about illnesses and he tends to look at the littlest fever with suspicion bordering on....insane (mama, gabriel is coughing, maybe we should nebulize him. no? then let's give him ventolin syrup. not yet? how about dimetapp? not that either? neo kiddielets? antibacterial cream? hot water bottle? ice pack? betadine? band aid? well, how about applying katinko to his chest. i can do that? wow, thanks yen, you are so supportive of my insanity about our kids health!).

but i really hope it's not dengue.

my birthday is coming up and it would be such a bummer if he has dengue to use as alibi for not getting me that gift.


  1. Oh no, hope you guys are ok. Had dengue a year and a half ago and was confined in Makati med for a week…platelets went down to 15..mouth and eyes were bleeding.

  2. buddha b, we still are not very sure what it is but at least we know it is NOT dengue.

    do you know how you got dengue?

  3. OMG, Buddha Banana...pati eyes? Oh, Lord that IS scary.

    And Ma'am Yen, if it turns out that everything's a false alarm, maybe you ought to give your hubby a big bottle of OFF! so he won't worry so much next time. :D

  4. yen, i did not say it is not dengue ha. i just said that it doesn't look like dengue based on lab reports.

    no need to tell ariel i said so, but it could still be dengue. good luck!

  5. na! what man ka, anonymous? you know that I BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SAY and IGNORE EVERYTHING ARIEL SAYS when it comes to my family's health. and now this retraction. tsk, tsk, tsk.

  6. i got mine in UP while waiting for my sister and mom...should have not walked around sunken garden and malcolms halls after the rain... and note to self, when in UP, must not wear shorts haha

    dad had to fly to manila to take care of me for a week


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