Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i have zombie for students

i have a feeling 21 young men and women got very, very little sleep - if any - last night on my account. i could feel the animosity flowing over my cellulite-ridden body as 21 pairs of bloodshot eyes threw virtual daggers at me all night long for making them write a publication-ready feature article.

if it is any consolation to you guys, I will be the one NOT SLEEPING for many days as i evaluate 21 full-length stories from 21 writers-in-training.

for both our sakes, i pray for articles i can read with pleasure rather than pain.
let the papers stream in! (5pm deadline, okay?).


  1. I will not deny that whenever teachers give assignments like that, I want my eyes to shoot bullets. Haha

    But I just console myself thinking that the teacher will have to do READ and correct everything my classmates and I wrote.

    And if I really don't like the teacher, I'll turn a two-page paper into an eight-page one just to make her suffer MORE. *enter evil laugh*

    Bad, I know.

  2. haha. i cannot imagine anyone else but you, ems, who will exert tons of effort to write an eight-pager just to spite the teacher.

    ano pa nga sabi nila about spite and cutting the nose? hahaha (almost evil laugh)

  3. Oh college…Only me, Karen Balnig, Soraia Ajihil and Cheska Generoso enjoyed the writing assignment way back under Mr. Rene Fernandez’s class hahaha and still aced it..well again, out of 21 Masscom students in our batch, only 7 of us graduated haha

  4. rene fernandez. my idol. in my opinion, he was the only journalist in zamboanga who can really write. lucky you to have been mentored by him.

    did your class really suffer from a 65% mortality? didn't know that...

  5. haha yeah...make-up and lipstick batch. I remember once when you called in sick, they all got their hair irons out and guess what they all did haha


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