Thursday, September 17, 2009

tale of two sundaes

i'd like to but i'm not going to rant because i don't like people to think that that is the only way i know how to write.

i just want to say that i prefer the sundae from mcdo than from jollibee because the soft ice cream is creamier, and the chocolate fudge is yummier.

but between the sundae served by mcdo la purisima and the one served by mcdo gateway, i prefer the latter simply because the serving is larger.

when you dig into your mcdo la purisima sundae, your plastic spoon will be coated with..... air because the center is an absolute...vacuum. their trick, i suspect, is that when they fill the cup, they just aim to pile it up the sides, leaving a nice and clean center hole. of course this hole is topped with a little ice cream and a little chocolate dressing so that no one is the wiser...until nga you start eating na.

their chicken here is smaller too than the gateway counterpart. haha. just wanted to say that. now i stop before this turns into out and out rant.


  1. Oh my! I miss McDo Sundae, way lot better than Jollibee.Especially that old sundae variation they used to have with gulaman. Hmmm, so there is a new branch na pala? What is that gateway mall? is that a new mall? like gateway in cubao? hmm, many developments ha in Zamboanga. Kasi halos Jollibee lang ata ang padami ng padami sa atin. I don't know what propelled Jollibee's success in the city.. pero with the influx on investments - business must really be good. I hope so. hehe.. Kakamiss tuloy ang Zamboanga - Knicker bucker of Palmeras over McDo Sundae pa rin! Sabroso!

  2. everybody loves palmeras' knicker bocker.

    gateway is like mindpro, only smaller and taller. it's near KFC in pueblo. the first red ribbons branch in zamboanga is in the ground floor. Across it is southway mall. slightly bigger than gateway and always teeming with people. a quaint affectation of this mall is that they have a tricy (not taxi) stand.

    if i am not mistaken gateway is owned by the shop-o-rama people and southway is by the shopper's people. or the other way round.

  3. gelo, for some reason, i cannot post a comment in your blog. i cannot see the entire word in the word verification process.

    i wanted to ask you, in your pan de sal post, which bakery in zamboanga offers the best pan de sal. :)

  4. Hi Ms. Monabelle! Thanks for visiting my blog. Most of what I write are about food hehe. Hmm, thanks for informing me about the flaw in the comment section, I got it fixed already. As to your question about the pan de sal, I must say that the best pan de sal is that of national bakery. Why? First, because of its reasonable price and size and second, because it meets the right criteria of a real good pan de sal which is hard outside yet soft inside. Before, when ingredients were not that expensive their bread was really tasty now it has a turned a bit bland but still ok pa syempre. The other one is that of Masters. I tried it once and it was soft all the way through. My sister said, Panaderia de San Jose, the one infront of Mindpro, also has good pan de sal. But, I still I do still prefer National's!


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