Thursday, August 27, 2009

lets cash in!

i got myself a globe sim last week just so i can pay for some online purchases with gcash.

i spent a good part of yesterday afternoon calling the globe business center in san jose. i wanted to ask them if they had a "cash-in" (where you convert your cash to gcash) center in pueblo so that i don't have to take the tricy to their business center. the two numbers i tried just rang and rang and rang. when i called the third number listed, the timid sounding girl who answered said that if its about gcash then it has to be the two numbers i have already tried because she was with the globe broadband office and the business center is another office. i explained to her that i have been trying to call for a VERY LONG TIME but she simply said "try lang ulit man". i gave up for the day.

at mid morning today, i went to the business center. of course the first thing i did when i reached the place was asked the guard, patay malisya, "close office nyo kahapon?"

"open kami ma'am", sabi ng isang guard.

agree naman ang pangalawang guard.

"eh bakit ring lang nang ring ang 992-3935 at 992-3944? sira ba ang phones?"

"ay ma'am nandito kami pero di lang nila sinasagot yang mga numbers na yan"


"eh yun yung listed nyo na numbers papano namin kayo ma contact? bakit hindi ninyo sinasagot?" ang high-pitched kong sigaw, este, sabi.

"ma'am busy kasi yung mga tao dito palagi"

okay. fine. i followed the advice of my facebook friends and breathed in, breathed out. breathed in, breathed out. externally calm but internally combusting, i went past the door.

"ay, ma'am, anong purpose nyo?" guard two said.

i wanted to say to request an audience with the sons of don jaime (to kiss them, those cute lads) but i had a feeling it would be pointless so i told him the truth he can manage: gcash cash-in.

everything else was pretty incident free after that , thank goodness.

i am still trying to figure out what is going on with their phone lines. is it because the lines are pldt lines, the sister company of their arch enemy smart? are they trying to make people believe pldt lines are no good? are pldt people sabotaging the globe office phones? has watching too much "24" addled my brains even more?


  1. AHLUVET!! "ma'am busy kasi yung mga tao dito palagi" hahaha wth! effin' impossible! Manong guard, please think of something better next time haha

  2. customer service is really the pits here in zambo, don't you think, buddha b? must be the air...

  3. Hi Yen! Laisa here. This is really funny. You really have a way with words. There's nothing that you've written so far that I don't like. Keep it up! Smart, globe, pldt, malls and bazaars - they're all the same when it comes to customer service. I just don't get it. Must be the air in Asia's Latin City. The Visayans in Davao, Cebu and Cagayan de Oro are more accommodating and sweeter. Hay.

  4. thanks laisa. so you get the same customer service problems too. even the jollibee and mcdo people here are terrible despite the standardized training they must surely get from their mother companies. so it must be the air nga...

  5. ma'am yen, i used to cash out and cash in my gcash in the cellphone stall right infront of the jollibee in mindpro first floor. if it still there, you might want to go there instead the business center.

  6. ems, salamat sa tip. will try to do that.

  7. Jollibee Mindpro circa 2001

    Cashier : good morning, welcome to Jollibee how may I help you!

    Me: hey hi, may I have one chicken joy, extra spicy, go large iced tea and blah blah

    Cashier: ok sir, lemme repeat your order blah blah

    Me: oh miss, sorry totally forgot, instead of iced tea, make it large coke instead

    Cashier: sorry sir, na
    punch ko na

    Me: cant you not void it nalang

    Cashier: long pause....whatever (raised her kilay and roled her eyes)

    Me: excuse me?

    Cashier: wala sir

    Me: no, I heard that! Please dont give me that kind of attitude

    Cashier : eh, di nga pwedeng i void sir eh

    Me: well if that’s the case, just cancel everything!

    Cashier: sir, di po pwede, na punch na po!

    Guess what I did, I walked-out...

  8. buddha b, you walked out. good for you. i asked for catsup from the jollibee counter a couple of years back and her reply was: "para saan nyo gagamitin ma'am?"

    what ze eff? ili-lipstick ko? ito-topping sa sundae? idadagdag to my catsup sachet hoard at home?

    come to think of it, hindi bien far-fetched el third option....

  9. hahahahaha ok that made me laugh...oo nga naman..sigh, you just made me miss zamboanga even more haha

    Jollibee Mindpor again way back

    me: Ms. Chene blood my chicken, I’ll have it replaced

    girl: sir, hinde pwede. Man re-fry yalang iyo

    me: huh? That aint sanitary ms. Can you just replace it.

    Girl: hindi talaga pwede sir in fact, ese kame pirmi ta ase

    Me: huh? Chin*a! may I speak with your manager! hahahaha

  10. the jollibee stories were insane mam yen but i'll report this to globe :)

  11. ken, you'd be doing the city a favor if you could do that.

    spoke to a friend who does a lot of business with globe (she used to be their major dealer or something) after she saw this blog entry. she said that that really is globe's policy here. that the pldt lines are only for outgoing calls, and not for answering incoming ones.

    she said the globe people here say that if you want to do business with them, you have to either call them via a globe cellular number, or better yet, go to the business center personally.

    the problem with this is that when people want to ask globe something, the only contact number available to them is the one listed in the pldt directory. i have not seen a major public announcement from them regarding the numbers people can use to get in touch with them: no billboards, banner, leaflets, tv/radio ad.

    AND, if they don't want people to call them via the pldt numbers, then why did they have it listed in the first place?

    btw, ma'am sandy said that the globe business center manager here is your fellow adzu masscom grad?


  12. hello yen...don't fret. ganyan din sa smart.they never answer their phones...hhmmm...i never did ask eden why...i love your blog...keep it up...take care and see you around...

  13. this is really good ma'am. same experience with their pldt lines. i applied for a postpaid account. since day 1 that they called, inconvenience galore na. they said the unit will be delivered sept. 2. air 21 called sept. 5. since i was in pagadian (and globe was informed about this sched), was able to get get the unit sept. 9. i called customer service to inquire on how to activate the account. they got both serial #s of the unit and the sim card and was advised to monitor within 24 hours. more than 24hrs passed, wala pa rin. so i called again and this time, was given a referrence # for the report that they've submitted and was told to monitor for 24hrs. it's really disappointing. afternoon came, i decided to go on chat support. it was a 20minute chat. same story po "monitor within 24hrs." so i said, "you've been telling me to monitor for 24hrs but nobody in your end is answering my question if it will be activated within that time period and what i should do to have it activated. you keep on telling me to monitor then if nothing happens, call you again." Guess what ma'am, SHE CUT ME OFF! Tsk!


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