Thursday, August 13, 2009

my one and only personality flaw

i have this compulsive need to have all people like me all the time.


it's disgusting.

when i sense that people do not like something i do or say, i bend over backwards, and then some more, until my entire being is contorted, just to make sure that when we part ways, they have a positive image of me.

if you have never felt this strong uncontrollable urge before, then you could not possibly imagine just how crippling it is.

i am an effing apologist for my own effing person. an effing crowd-pleasing pollyanna.

aside from being disgusting, it's pathetically pathetic.

so whenever i say "i am to please" and people think that i am being sarcastic, or ironic, or being funny, i am not even halfway joking.

aside from this however, my personality is flawless.

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  1. Oh I know this flaw very well. I regress into that old habit some time but I'm better. But you put it more succinctly: It's all about love.


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