Tuesday, August 25, 2009

u haul

if i told you i needed to oversee the hauling of the detritus of a family of six from one cramped duplex to a house about a kilometer away, would you excuse my four-day absence from this blog?

because that is what i really did. honest. peks.

the move to the new house was very exciting and i don't know where to start talking about it. so i am going to give it to you in bite-size pieces (may also be referred to as "being coy").

the house came with everything except for a disco ball and an escalator. we didn't need to fix anything up to make it livable. in fact, our helper jennilyn had this little tableau assembled on the morning of our first day of moving in -- all by herself. that girl, she's gonna go far...

the illustrations are christmas cards from set given to me by my sister. the plant came from our old house. i don't know what it is but it grew in every nook and cranny of our old neighborhood. this particular one i stole from the capre living in the acacia tree on the empty lot across our old duplex. the clear plastic stands are five effing pesos from big V department store and the tall glass is the last from a set of four. dear yaya mila broke all the others "kay bug-at man gud 'te."

and this flower came from a valiant plant beside the gate of the new house that bloomed prettily despite months of neglect. i LOVE how this flower looks but i have grown to hate it over the years simply because of its ubiquity. can people please stop planting euphorbias now? please lang. move on to something else.

that photo is one of my favorite. it's my dad with rashdi when he was two. they are both holding a specimen of the creature my father loved above all others, a rooster.

the mother of these leaves lives in my mother's house. it takes so much to kill these leaves. i just got these so maybe they'll be around still come christmas. the fishes that used to live in this fishbowl have all died. they were all named after characters in the chronicles of narnia. i already forget the names but i know the gold one with the huge fringes was aslan. the other two, the black and the bronze must have been evil characters.

i have posted other photos of the house on flickr. i have managed somehow to imbed a flicker widget in this here my long-suffering blog. it is at the very bottom of this page. if you click on it, you will see THE house.


  1. ka tahom sang flower na may ara thorns...ka shabby chic sang balay mo day

  2. thanks, buddha b.

    btw, what is tahom? :)

  3. tahom is nice or beautiful in ilonggo

  4. your new house is soooo 'Bree' :) Congrats! Love the bed in the big room and the huge ref! btw, I saw the pics and Rashdi and Janna have grown fast!!! i remember the latter playing tea party with ems before, what grade is she now? and is rashdi graduating soon? diego looks kulit. hehe

  5. thanks buddha b for the addition to my meager ilonggo vocab.

    kenny, yes, the kids have grown so fast. too fast, in my opinion.

  6. added you to my flickr photostream (bluestain).

    where's your house located? is this San Roque?

  7. buddha b, it's on gov. ramos avenue, between san roque and sta. maria. a subdivision on land reclaimed from the ricefields. :)

  8. EEEEEE! How nice! I love the pale/muted colors. Good thing your husband agreed to a pink house?

    oh, and you look a lot slimmer now!

  9. ems, i didn't choose the color. we bought the house that way. it is a pre-loved house, as they say. but it was lived in for less than a year. the couple that built it are overseas now. i am being a good girl here and reigning in my nasty comments about neighborhood color schemes. baka i boot out kame from the village!

  10. and oh, thanks for the comment re me being slimmer. i aim to please.


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