Thursday, October 16, 2008

you have to check out Splat

the best news magazine online is Splat so you have to check it out.

reason #1: the force behind it is an all-woman crew of brave and talented college sophomores who, collectively, have an online publishing experience

reason #2: it's called Splat. who but the most creative, most fearless, most innovative journalists, budding or otherwise, would call their publication Splat?

reason #3: the stories in the maiden issue.

you can read about it in the Ateneo website and in Zamboanga Today (thank you frencie carreon. and thanks to whoever posted it online for you. he/she must love us so much he/she posted it thrice). It was also in yesterday's Daily Zamboanga Times paper edition (thank you sir roy). and thanks david santos for bringing your abs-cbn crew to cover the launch. i am sure the enormity of what they were doing hit the students hard when they saw your team come in the door.

thanks a gazillion to the many people who supported the class. the Splat people will pounce on me for using a cliche but what the h, i am their teacher, so i will say it anyway: you know who you are.


  1. Oh wow, congratulations! Aint that Ms. Yen Yen Blanco?
    Btw, who’s the dean of Ateneo Comm?

  2. yes it IS ms. (now mrs.) yenyen (legally, monabelle) blanco (now delgado).
    and looking at your picture and from what i can glean from your great-looking website, are you r.r.b.?

  3. congrats maam yen! you're always an inspiration.


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