Thursday, October 30, 2008

the gall of a proud mother

what isidro floreta has going for him, in terms of this blog, is that he is a great, great artist.

what anna dulcinea delgado has going for her, in terms of this blog, is that she is my daughter.

so if i do an entry on her paintings right after i do an entry on floreta, the virtual equivalent of hanging her art alongside floreta's, who's to tell me no? this is my blog.

the four on the upper shelves in an arc are hers. when this picture was taken, they were still wet. i had left her with her lola that day, armed with pots of watercolor, two dozen scratch papers, and cheap-o brushes (Ps 45/set from golden bell). these four, she said, were her best. the two on the lower shelves are someone else's. you can guess all you want, i am not telling.


  1. Oh wow, she’s pretty good. How old is she? We have an original floret ah home dad got way back. We have our frames made at Recuerdos. I’m hand carrying my paintings – it’s cheaper if I have them framed in zamboanga, way cheaper.
    Btw, regards from Annabelle Wee

  2. annabelle! tell her regards from me too. who's your framer in zamboanga? i buy made-in-china frames from shop o rama. THAT is cheap.

  3. oh haha that is cheap nga. My framer's Willie ( not arcenas) of Recuerdos gallery in Valderroza St. price is good for a nicely done frame... sharing you a link to my post in flickr - frames willie did for me.

    btw, Annabelle's my roomate haha

  4. tried clicking on the flickr link but i got a "photo unavailabe" message. :(

  5. it works on my side..hmm try this:


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