Sunday, October 19, 2008


i googled zamboanga girl this morning. i know, its a vain habit i should not admit to because it is supposed to be uncool, but hello, i also look myself in the mirror EACH AND EVERY TIME there is a mirror or any reflective surface in which i can check myself out, including my cellphone's pathetically gunky ersatz chrome cover. i have no issues with my vanity. i've come to grips with it when i was still in pre-school, standing in front of the clothes drawer, choosing a shirt to go with my brown shorts and the upcoming activity -- running around downstairs, what else, because the dark blue sando i had on just would not do.

this blog is sixth and seventh (don't ask me why there are two entries. i don't know these things). the fifth was about a zamboanga girl who was raped. the eight was about another zamboanga girl who was raped.

this is bad.

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