Thursday, October 9, 2008

child wonders

being the good mother that i want to be, i thought long and hard about weekend self-improvement classes for jana and rashdi.

jana can do either piano or singing. husband insists the six year old can sing. piano is a bit iffy because we do not have a piano at home, after all. ballet would do her physical gracelessness
some good too. rashdi can resume the judo lessons he lost interest in when he was grade six. or, as my sister girlie, whose funds are on the line for these lessons, suggests, he can start taekwondo.

after the thinking is the asking around. frustratingly but unsurprisingly, no one knows of any weekend classes of the kind i am thinking of here in Zamboanga.

don't even start looking for cooking, painting, pottery-making, crocheting, macrame-ing classes.

i had grade school and high school classmates who went to Zamsulu Marketing on Veterans Avenue on weekend for classes on piano and drums and guitar. now zamsulu is no more. in its place is a tile center. never mind if kids in zamboanga are talent-less, at least they bathe in stylish tiles.

Many schools, Ateneo included, do offer such lessons, but only during the summer. let a professional teach you how to sing during summer, practice it in your karaoke the rest of the year. or better yet, just forget about it. no wonder no child wonder ever came out of zamboanga. i bet mozart practiced on the piano more than two months in a year.

not to say that my kids aren't child wonders because they are. oh yes, they are.

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