Tuesday, October 28, 2008

recycling the junk

the laptop got reformatted yesterday.

a week with the hand-me-down laptop made me realize why my sister decided to hand it down to me. it sucked. sony vaio issupposed to be good -- though this particular model got less than stellar reviews in all the review sites that matter (naks).

my requirements from these things are stupidly simple. take the cellphone. if it can call and text, i am happy. if this laptap had the applications i needed to carry out my chores (word, powerpoint, excel), an internet browser (mozilla firefox please), and enough storage space for a pack rat's digital documents, then i will be content.

i am a very low maintenance digital chick.

but this laptop, as i have already said before but take pleasure in saying it again, sucked. small windows kept popping up with every other keyboard tap telling me that there was no windows disk inserted, that ofoto something could not be found, that i needed to buy a new pair of stacked- heel sandals, beige, size 8.

it crawled instead of ran. frequently, it chose to stand still.

these peculiarities manifest itself with gusto after i use the husband's flash disk or the cd drive.

at my wit's end (a pretty long journey, if you ask me), i sought the help of the family's tech guru, frederick de leon. you would bring your laptop to frederick too, if you were lucky enough to be his friend. this is how he said it: "yen, if this were mine, i'd reformat it" then proceeded to tell me the risks that entailed - which were minimal, in his opinion. didn't i tell you he was smart? he knows how to present stuff.

and now, the laptop, it's good as new.

it's still heavy. chopping, not reformatting, could be the solution to that.

i am so happy that i will do a shameless plug. kiko has a business renting his computer projector (for weddings, birthdays, convention, etc.). his number is (0906) 205-3009.

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