Wednesday, October 28, 2009

unforgivably forgetful

ugh. caught flatfooted again.

i was, until a few moments ago, checking final exam papers (well, virtual papers) at the office when in comes husband with a bag of brownies and a bottle of ice tea with the preamble "gusto kitang bilhan ng flowers pero puro lanta ang binibenta ng mga flower shops. baka naubos para sa sementeryo."


"anniversary natin, inday yenyen."

that is my husband's brand of romance: brusque, practical, sweet.

he told me how much the brownies cost and that i should leave some for the kids.

i let the whole world know i forgot all about our anniversary last year. then i went and forgot about this year's. next year will be our tenth. thinking about it -- more specifically, that i will forget about it -- is making me anxious.

happy anniversary, husband. i left six brownies in the bag: one for each child plus one each for yaya jennilyn and yaya bingbing. but i finished the iced tea, is that okay? haha.


  1. Jing Perez-PabellonOctober 30, 2009 at 11:41 AM

    Oye... and I thought only husbandahs are notoriously forgetful of anniversaries! Truly, you are ONE OF A KIND, MONABELLE BLANCO! :P

  2. jing, i start with the best intentions, really. i make plans of getting him a gift or something.....

    it's just that i get so caught up in other things that day that i forget...

    haha. i know. i have no excuse AT ALL.

    help me remember next year's? haha

  3. my partner and I both forgot our very first anniversary. we were watching this Oprah (or Dr. Phil, I forget which) episode about extravagant celebrations and he said, 'I think we just missed our anniversary.' and by a clear week, at that.

    since then, we didn't really make an effort to remember.we just go out to celebrate whenever we feel like it. haha

  4. guys who remember this kinds of stuff are those that are truly head over heels with their girls. so girls, be thankful. Seriously. if a guy remembers the minutest of details it means they are sssooo into you :D

  5. ems, glad to know you forget too. that sounds like a weird thing to be glad about, but i appreciate being not the only delinquent "spouse" in existence.

    kenny, hmmm. when do we start talking about YOUR relationship/s?

  6. oo nga Kenny, when DO we start to hear about your relationships? :D


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