Thursday, October 29, 2009

i LOVE you, stephan!

when i grow up i am going to marry stephan jenkins of third eye blind.

i know, i know. husband and i celebrated our ninth just this week and everything.... but just look at and listen to this guy. just look and listen.

"i don't wanna crush you but i feel like crushing you..."

well, you know what, stephan, i am crushing ON you in a MAJOR, MAJOR way because you are so cute and your songs are so, so, so very cute. never mind that your lyrics are sometimes incomprehensible, maybe that is just because you operate on a higher intellectual plane than i or something. oh my goshness. you make me dizzy with crush.

this guy, singing barefoot in rolled up jeans and a t-shirt, received an english lit degree from usc class valedictorian. no shit. and he grew up dyslexic. to my mind, he is proof incarnate that the world is NOT fair.

this last picture is of the current object of my malice (say stee-vin, not stef-on) with seal. seal is another guy i will marry once i grow up and, i guess, once he gets tired of heidi klum.
and here is the requisite cheesy shot, the consequence of being named one of people magazine's 50 most beautiful. i hope the tight silver lame pants wasn't his decision.

these last two photos are of him looking responsible. i prefer him looking as if hygiene isn't a priority. i bet he stinks. good thing odor can't be uploaded yet.

husband loves third eye blind. he will eat the entire first album if his stomach were made of sterner stuff (it isn't). so i bet he won't mind if i ask permission to marry stephan. maybe i'll do it tonight.


  1. OMG. Seal + Heidi Klum = UNFAIR. How can the cosmos allow her to be a supermodel, mother, millionaire AND Seal's wife?

  2. i don't know what seal sees in heidi but i sure can SEE what she sees in him. so yummy, that man.

    he's british. maybe that is why.

  3. 3rd eye blind rules! they were my fave when i was in grade school :D

  4. kenny, actually surprised to know you were into 3eb's kind of music. and at grade school at that. but so glad to hear it.


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