Friday, October 23, 2009

i want to eat google chrome themes

i downloaded google chrome the other day. i already forget how i came across this new web browser. everything interesting i find in the internet, it seems, i just stumble upon, unlooked. stumbling upon interesting websites was the big idea behind my first attempt at blogging, in 2005, i think. i called it princess of serendip or some nonsense like that.

when i announced on facebook that i WILL replace my beloved mozilla firefox with google chrome, the first comment came from fr. denny, an IT jedi master. he gave a big tsk, tsk to my plan. he said i should not discard firefox completely because some programs do not work so well off chrome.

but, fr. denny, chrome's themes are soooooo prettyyyyy.....

for the others who have not already done so, go see for yourselves how VEDDY PWEETTY
they are.

there are two theme categories: commissioned artists and google's own.

there are 45 choices in the commissioned artists' category. except for three or four designs that i do not appreciate, i'd gladly download them all. but i tried to be a good girl and narrowed the list down to five must-haves. they may be free but i am not allowing myself to be greedy.

in no particular order:

this is by oscar dela renta. this is what i chose first. using it now. it looks like the shavings left by someone who went crazy sharpening dozens of pink, red, and gray crayola. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. google just gave me the chance of own a dela renta. indebted forever.

this one's as color saturaated as the dela renta. by Ocean Pacific, makers of board shorts and other surf wear. i love the colors.

it was a choice between this and one by fashion designer anna sui. i wanted both but i had to make a choice between the two otherwise people might think i love mariah carey. the anna sui also had butterflies but on a field of violet.

talking of mariah, there actually is a designer theme for her (or by her?). with her picture. that one made it to my list of "three of four designs i do not understand".

this makes me smile, smile, smile. this could have been done by daughter.

and this one, red flowers on spindly black branches, very japanese, don't you think? this one is by an australian fashion designer with a japanese-sounding name, akira isogawa.

majority of the themes were done by fashion designers but there were also very beautiful ones by illustrators, artists, anime, car manufacturers (porsche), and even the cartoon pocoyo. it makes me so sad to exclude the pocoyo theme from my shortlist of five because i love him so much, but the pocoyo theme didn't look so good. it didn't do my pocoyo justice. could you please make another one, pocoyo people?

you might want to ask how chrome is performing, because, after all, a browser isn't all about pretty themes. well, my answer to that is another question: is it possible for google to create anything ugly?

but then again, you shouldn't trust my opinion on this. i only know what my eyes like.


  1. google chrome is great. i was on it for quite some time (largely because you can make it look cute! haha). at first it was kinda cool with the search and address omnibar.but it takes up too much memory over time and it takes up a lot of memory every time you use it.

    plus there are so many plug-ins and extensions (like Echofon or Twitterfox, Blogger extension for firefox) that don't have Chrome versions yet.

    in the end i had to uninstall it...but it was great while it lasted. like a love affair. haha

  2. Ma'am Yen and Buddha Banana have you tried Looklet? It's sort of an upgraded, online version of paper dolls that you can dress up with designer clothing.

  3. haha yeah for three weeks... got bored. Wish they had looklet for guys haha I still have an active looklet account (buddhabanana)


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