Thursday, October 15, 2009

Congratulations, NUTCASE people!

congratulation to the advanced journalism students for the successful launching of their double-issue magazine, NUTCASE, on Tuesday, October 13.

(announcing the new publication to catwalk traffic)

(a very few minutes before the launch, trying to fold and staple all one thousand copies,
still managing to smile for the camera. standing from left to right: wally, almera, jeff, ryan, marj,
johnars, nash, arvin, lara, vien, and jade. seated are anna, mariz, and earl.)

the road to that day has been less than smooth. glitches marred the process. some of them could be blamed on gloria macapagal arroyo (7 holidays this sem!), some could be blamed on the more benevolent but seemingly equally harsh mother nature (while torrential rains blessed the distribution, it also caused many students to be late or absent for important class activities), and some could be blamed on no one else but the members of the class itself.

but, what is important is that the magazine did get launched, favorable comments were elicited, and HOPEFULLY, lessons were learned.
congratulations to everybody for managing to plan, research, write, and re-write, and re-write, and re-write a feature article.

some of you admitted right from the start that you are insecure about your writing abilities, some of you even admitted outright that you hated any form of writing (see you in radio and tv journ! :)) but look at you now, you are now PUBLISHED. at least 1000 ateneo de zamboanga university students have read your article. exciting! but scary too, i know.

that's journ for you.

anna and lara, how generous of you to accept the major responsibility of being your group's coordinator. i know it couldn't have been easy but i think you did a marvelous job.

jill and marj, what talented writers you are. speechless.

jade and nhordz, you struggled to gather the money to make this happen. i hope everything is in so that we can all breath easy.

jeff and anna, great layout, especially considering the short amount of time you had.

ryan, excellent publicity campaign. very bold. fun and fearless.

special mention to wally and daphne, you were not part of the advanced journalism class, and yet you had hearts big enough to lend a much-needed helping hand.

and to everyone who was at the assembly line seven million nanoseconds to the time you wanted to distribute NUTCASE to the public, great job on the folding and the stapling.

this is the time to be happy with yourself for having published NUTCASE. congratulations!

(collation section of the assembly line: lara, nash, marj, arvin)

(collation section two: vien and jade. earl at the end of the line is one half of the folding section)

(rightmost is ryan, distributing their Happy Peanuts pakulo at the back canteen)

(Lara and Ryan and a bevy of boys holding up their NUTCASE peanuts)

(intruding at the front canteen)

(and at the kiosks)

(anna and wally with copies that are good to go)

(jeff with so much to staple, so little time)

(johnars transporting assembled mags to their next to final destination)


  1. ay na...bien cool! sariling sikap to the highest level! go go go!

  2. talagang nag sariling sikap sila ems. it was harassing and thrilling at the same time. good articles too. :)

  3. Hey Yen, congratulations to you and your students!! I still have a copy of the masscom broadsheet we did way back (Azul).

    love the pakulo too..hyess!

  4. aww.. I wish I could have a copy also :(


  5. buddha b, cute pakulo, no? i was unable to take photos of their first breakout which consisted of literally littering the campus with thousands of yellow post-its. coolishness. ;0

  6. awww sayang nga! That would have been really great. I miss the masscom room, I miss the smell of the editing room, the music library,etc...I'll really drop by when I get to Zambo in two months..sana before the christmas break haha I wanna meet your students

  7. same here ! i wanna meet them ! :D kakamiss buhay estudyante !

  8. buddha b and kenny, it would be really, really great if you could drop by and meet the students. they're great people. and so are you two, so that'll be a lot of great people meeting each other. :))


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