Friday, June 22, 2012

why do we want sm in zamboanga?

for the life of me i cannot understand why people would want an SM in Zamboanga.

i really do not.

so we will look like metro manila? 


people have even concocted conspiracy theories about why they are not here yet. a popular one is that a coalition of local businessmen are blocking sm's coming. 

AS IF!!!

i bet if henry wanted to come here, he would come here. full stop. 

the reason why sm is not here is because they do not want to be here. yet. wake up and smell the dead cat, people. he has $9.1B for crying out loud. 

they are not here most likely because the business prospects are not that promising or because of the usual peace and order concerns. 

believe it or not, i heard tell that this issue will be used in the upcoming elections. sheesh. 

but take heart. sm is already eyeing zamboanga with the intention of, i quote Hans Sy, “We would be bringing in the lifestyle of Manila here, with the same price and style".

that actually scares rather than excites me.

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