Thursday, June 21, 2012

a monster in my son's room

i have an idea! a most glorious, wondrous idea!

why not this

or this

for rashdi's room?

it will solve so many problems, foremost of which would be the forever state of mess his room is in. last year when we were sprucing up Jana's room, we asked him if he wanted his room repainted and fixed up a little. to no one's surprise, he said no. 

but he might be amenable to this. the two loves of his life are robots* and books. well, you can throw in video games and music and his dog george but the two would be the ones on top of the list. 

so a robot book case to help him keep organized? 

now how to tell husband to make this happen. 

* do not make the mistake of calling the creatures arrayed on his shelves robots. and if you value your sanity, never ever call them toys. ever.  the acceptable terms are:
1. gundam models
2. plastic models

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