Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the websites i like best

i have a love-forget relationship with my blog. blame that on my short attention span. or my constantly full to overflowing plate. glutton kasi.

heniways. rediscovered this post in the drafts folder. the poor thing had been languishing there for almost a year. am going to publish it now to take it out of its misery.

this is a list of the top ten sites i love and frequently visit. since almost a year has passed since i first drew the list, i tweaked it a little to make sure 1. the sites still exist, and 2. i still like them. i have added one or two. here they are, in no particular order:

1. lastfm. for music. i used to like grooveshark but when i visited the site recently, they made some changes. without asking my permission! the nerve.

2. huffingtonpost. best news aggregator. haha

3. wikipedia. where will i be without thee? as i always tell people, i have this abnormal desire to know everything. the more useless, the more inconsequential the information is, the better. wikipedia is the ultimate enabler for people with this addiction.

4. anthropologie. i just love the look and feel of this online store. and the shoes here are to die for seven times.

5. style. someone made the mistake once of asking me why i like looking at clothes i cannot afford. hahaha. the poor thing got a self-righteous lecture from me. 

6. marketmanila. a personal blog about food and lifestyle. he makes me laugh.

7. dooce. she makes me laugh harder. 

8. google art project. great concept. great service. and most of all, access to all those preetteee pictures.

9. tedtalks. for when you want to be inspired. which is all the time, right?

10. pinterest. i am not a member (yet) just a voyeur. you can get lost here, in a good, serendipitous kind of way, just looking looking looking at, again, all those preetteee pictures.

for obvious reasons i have not included the following: facebook, google, gmail, human nature, adzu, and my bank's online site.

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