Friday, November 19, 2010

We love you Bruno!

the silence that greeted the family this morning was sad. the member of the family that croaks "kumain ka na ba?" to whoever is the first to wake up was eerily silent.

here lies bruno, a beloved member of the family. he who generously provided entertainment to the neighborhood kids and teens just by being himself, always obliging their clamor for his one-liners. bruno could have won barangay sta. maria kagawad, he was so popular.

this is the same creature who loves letting rip a lunatic cackle at the slightest or even no provocation. his high pitched "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" and sex maniac wolf whistle could be heard by our neighbors four, five houses away.

we came home yesterday to see you dead in your cage. the kids had called us at the office in panic but we wanted to see for ourselves.

we buried your body last night in the backyard, under the clothesline. your adoptive father needed a soft place to dig. do not begrudge him his choice of location, he was practically inconsolable last night (aside from slightly annoyed that yaya mila misplaced the shovel). the flowers are from jana, the lego cross is from both gabriel and diego. the candle is from me. jana led the prayers. may you now be in myna bird heaven.

this is our last picture of you, taken just one week ago.

now that you are gone, what will your adoptive father do when he wakes up? whose cage will he clean? who will he prepare pellets and fruits for? whose bath water will replace? who will he have a one-sided conversation with?

he could not stop talking about why you died and if it was his fault. he blames himself for giving you saging saba instead of table bananas. he thinks that is what killed you, indigestion.

good bye, bruno. we sorely miss you.

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