Thursday, November 11, 2010


i am reading this book called 100 ways to motivate other people. i borrowed this gleefully from the library, thinking YES! i will now have the secret formula to make others do this, do that. haha.

but not even halfway through it, i already feel massively cheated. teaching you to motivate others is only a consequence of the primary purpose of the authors. all they really want to do is to motivate YOU to motivate others!

and so because of this book, i have been a good girl the whole morning. like doing "the worst first". that means choosing the task you don't want to do the most, and doing that first.

where is the fun in that?

in any case, to reward myself for the productivity, albeit unwillingly done, i gave myself a GLAM manicure over the lunch break.

it does not go at all with the rest of the day's outfit but it was the only color i had (maybelline express finish GLITTER (the all caps this time is maybelline's, not mine). i could have gone to the salon two doors away but that would have set me back 120 pesos and i don't think i was THAT productive.

i look at it squinting because it is really, really badly done. there's more glitter on the pads of my fingers than on my nails. but hurray for productivity!

now lunch break's over. back to work!

have to return that book back to the library before it does any more damage.

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