Saturday, December 18, 2010

a champ takes over a clam's place in my heart

i have a feeling what i am about to announce will trigger a collective sigh of relief among my family and friends.

today is the day i say goodbye to my five (six? seven?) year old nokia cell phone. good bye friend. you served me well. this is such an old model that when i searched for "old nokia flip top models", this didn't show up at all. i know of only one other person who still has this phone but i bet he's going to abandon it soon as well, seeing as he might do a paris junket next year. and we can't have parisians thinking filipinos still use phones like these, can we?

hello samsung champ. bear with me as i struggle with learning how to abuse you.

thanks to the giver. you know i only lost the last phone you gave me because of typhoon ondoy, right?

so there. friends, family, you can again invite me out to dinner with peace in your hearts, knowing you have no more need to duck your head in shame as i take out my cellphone to take calls or to send messages, etc., etc..

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