Tuesday, January 5, 2010

i saw the sign, yet again

on the last day of last year, which, as usual, was a december 31, i found the inspiration for the blog post that will put an end to my 27-day zamboanga girl hiatus. on the bumper of a truck we met on the way to one of those last-minute errands that always, always crops up on new year's eve, was this treasure:

"PSST...bokas ang seper mo!"

haphazardly hand written in runny, drippy white paint, about 10 inches high.

it took me about a minute and a half to process what i just saw before i started giggling on the passenger seat. husband, being used to my abnormal ways, just said: "hmmm..." not really interested to know what it was i saw this time.

well, it just made me want to blog again. and isn't that great?

it made me remember two other lines i saw over the holidays, both names of local businesses.

the first one was of a glass and aluminum enterprise on magay. the spanking new signage read JAGGED EDGE Glass and Aluminum.

oh - kay.

i really wonder what the process was for coming up with that one.

and then a couple of days later i saw this delivery truck of what was apparently a distributorship. on the side, in what i remember as either blue or green paint, in thick block letters, the business name Dense Marketing.



  1. I have always wondered why we put words, phrases, images and blips of literature on the "tapa-lodo" of our PUVs or service vehicles like that truck. One time I rode a jeep along Buendia and it said on one side (and brace yourself!) "Gather ye roses while ye may" I was like..."uh-huh...odd"

  2. that is so funny, ems. oh my goodness!

    why nga naman can't we be contented with the more comprehensible "katas saudi"?

  3. hahahahaha "and brace yourself?" you serious? haha well, way better than writing your family tree on the tapa-lodo haha


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