Thursday, December 10, 2009

so very long time no see!

blog! oh my god, so very long time to no see!

how are you? you look well. well, a bit un-updated but in general, you look FINE.

well, i've been busy doing this and that. that and this. i decided to undertake some things three months ago and now i am just on auto-pilot, trying to be accountable for my decisions. but so far, it has been worth it.

but let's talk about YOU, instead of me. are you gonna change your look soon? are you going to get a new posting sooner? what happened to the interview with the mayor? i hope it gets transcribed soon. i notice that the things that should have gone here are cropping up as facebook status updates, in an understandably but frustratingly truncated version.

weren't you supposed to have two guest postings lined up? you should move on that before it gets any more stale.

well, it's been nice visiting with you. can't stay long though. i have three million bullet points on my to do list. by the way, i started using a new to do notebook last night. it's so pretty. and the paper is so nice. i'll show it to you one of these days. bye!

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