Friday, January 15, 2010

my shelfari profile

i started reading as soon as i learned how to. i cannot remember a time when i was not reading. i wake up reading and i go to sleep reading. i have gone to sleep reading a cellular phone manual.

my parents did not encourage us to read. on the contrary. the image of kids reading under their blankets with a flashlight was not cliche for our family. we quarreled over books, mainly who gets to read what first. we were precocious readers. a month into class and all of us would have read all our language class books. then we read each others'. despite this, no one was an honor student. we did not read the math books, the social studies book.

i read while in transit. i read while still. i read, therefore i am.

we are seven siblings in the family and everyone, except the youngest who prefers the TV, reads. the love of reading was transferred to us by osmosis from our father. mommy reads only a certain type, mostly biographical. my son, 12, has started reading books from MY shelf, not anymore content with the books in the kids' room.

my first book was Heidi by Johanna Spyri. My current book is Bergdorf at the Plaza.

other than books, i love vogue, the internet, my work, the coldest, coldest coke, reunions with my family, the beach, road trips, my mp3 library, movies, my house, watching 24 with my husband, my new charcoal gray slacks, condensed milk, creamO cookies, dire straits, elle home decor, toasted bread with good butter, the flea market, playing "airplane" with my kids.


  1. the newest season of 24 is about to start!

  2. yes! on solar tv, right?

    and vampire diaries too. woohoo. premiere of this is at 8pm tonight. i have warned the entire household that the tv is mine at that time, and that i am not to be disturbed.

    unlike with 24, husband does not share my excitement for this.


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