Thursday, June 25, 2009

our hayden....NOT!!!!!

so i was reading this father's day article on a national broadsheet about what the author would do if his daughter took it upon herself to star in a homemade sex video, or worse (his sentiments, not necessarily mine), hayden kho, the wannabee blue movie producer, was his son.

the author's words were expected but it was effective in the sense that he did make me think....about how my husband insists out son looks like hayden kho here

well, gabriel DOES look like a gigolo in this photo....

will it help dispel that notion from your mind if i told you two nights ago he tried to turn off the computer by pointing the tv remote control at it?

and that when it's time for his minder to go home, he says
"namaste" coupled with the hand gesture and mini genuflect?

that he is a terrible thumb suc

or that while he suc
ks on his thumb (right, never left), he worries with his fingers either a knotted shorts drawstring or an earlobe (mine or ariel's, never anyone else's)?


  1. i love the last three photos....polaroid it, it'll look great...I swear!

  2. buddha, what do you mean by that? we have a polaroid somewhere and even some polaroid film. but i am not sure if they are still good. or if can find them...

  3. sell it to me! hahaha wait, lemme polarize them.

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  5. emillene jean, i am desperate. all summer long, i have been searching for someone to help me build a website - my own domain and all - but to no avail. i thought website designers were a dime a dozen, but apparently not in my neck of the woods. people have been complaining that they can't comment because you have to be a member of blogspot to do so. i know that to be false but i have a lot of cavemen for friends...

    what more for monetizing it...

    sigh, sigh, weep, weep...


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