Friday, May 29, 2009

secret shame

boyzone, backstreet boys, and westlife are on my ipod.


  1. seriously? don't tell me it's All or Nothing that you have for Westlife. haha

  2. Hahaha I have them too…90’s baby here haha. Got westlife, boyzone,backstreet boys, code red, ant and dec, 911 and my fave ace of base haha…dang now I’m embarrassing myself!

  3. emillene, i may have deigned to include them on my playlists but i am not so enamored of them that i bother to remember titles. haha. i have a reputation to protect rin, kahit papano.

    buddha b, ace of base! haha. now that is a skeleton in the closet indeed. and as we are on the topic, was you blogspot name inspired by one of the band's members?

  4. no hahaha just a random banana thing haha hey regards to karen, lala and Josh

  5. maam.have you seen the website? help me with articles. hehehe.. require your students to submit. will visit you today sa adzu. :)

  6. ryan, buddha,

    buddha would be a great lifestyle/fashion correspondent, in my opinion. di ba lah, buddah? :)

  7. oh my god, you speak ilonggo? hahaha

  8. that's what is weird nga eh.

    my husband's father's family (delgado) is thru-and-thru ilonggo. but he doesn't speak it.

    vina's family is true blue ilonggo also but she almost can't speak it. (she will ill me for saying that!!!)

    my mom was born there but doesn't speak it either.

    i am surrounded by quasi-ilonggos.


  9. hahahahaha I'm fluent despite me being half ilonggo...I have the sing song accent when I'm with my cousins haha polarizing your photos now..will email it in a bit


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