Friday, June 26, 2009

i first met ram of buddha banana a couple years ago, when he was still a fourth year college student. he was in my class. his projects were always the neatest and best-looking.

he was a cousin of my high school buddy vina. he now works in a pr firm in makati and was nice enough to sponsor three of my current students - karen, josh, liza - to do their internship there. expectedly, they had a blast (while learning a lot, i know they would insist).

yesterday, ram was nice enough to "polarize" three pictures of my son gabriel. ram saw them in yesterday's post, thought they can be improved on and voila, here they are:

that's a photo of my thumbsucking two-year-old, Gabriel. He is standing in the middle of a squash field in a mango farm in boalan wearing swim trunks.

the pictures look like they were taken circa 1970.

thanks, ram!

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  1. oh my haha Gabriel is really cute. thanks for the plug haha


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