Tuesday, July 7, 2009


if you asked me on june 25 if i would cry if michael jackson died, i would have given you an unqualified "no". at the time of his death, most news story about him focused on how circus-y his life had become. if i thought of him at all, it was to think how self-indulgent he was.

but i wasn't really paying much attention to michael jackson anymore. he had become irrelevant to my life. just last month, as i was tweaking with my playlists, i deleted three of the five songs i had of him. i only kept "ben" and "man in the mirror". i removed beat it and thriller and billie jean because they left me cold.
so the sadness that i felt at the news of his death took me by surprise. i still have not read in full any article about his death. when stories on him come up on tv, i tune them out too. i am sorrowed that it took his death to remind me of his genius.

i am waiting for the time magazine special edition on him. i guess that would be my way of paying michael jackson my last respects. reading on him in peace and quiet. for he did seem to have had a noisy life. and he seemed to me a quiet man.

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