Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Celebrating Bombastic Birthdays Since 1972

date when the man who would wound the country most deeply was born? september 11.

date when two planes would slam into the twin towers and forever change the world? september 11.

to my mind, bad things happen on september 11.

it's a good thing i was born on that day. all is not lost.

(by the way, if you don't know who the man i am referring to in the first line above, then you need to review your philippine history man)

and now this MNLF infiltration of zamboanga. i celebrate my birthday on the third day of this siege. the mayor has asked essential businesses to please open their shops already. that would probably mean banks, pawnshops, grocery stores, gas stations. the kids' concern last night was "where will we buy cake tomorrow mama?"

where indeed?

i have a blueberry muffin mix which i guess will do as birthday cake. but i don't have muffin pans. maybe i will just make pancakes, stack them up and poke a candle into it.

no. i did not make this cake. i only have enough time and talent to grab it from a google image search. name of owner is watermarked on the photo.


  1. Happy birthday, Ma'am Yen! Hoping this will all end soon.

  2. hi jemm. thank you. the end of this will be the best birthday gift.

  3. Happy Birthday Ma'am Yen. Even watermark on the photo is relevant to today. See you soon.

  4. Belated Happy Birthday mam. I once read your blog and when the zam siege happened you were the first one to come to my mind, well because I know no one from there. Thank God you're okey.


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