Friday, September 6, 2013

Artsy Weekend. Or, Yet Another Proof that Daughter is Better with Scissors and Paste Than Me

I like instant gratification. haha. hello immaturity.

Case in point: these all-occasion cards:

I made them in less than 30 minutes some random weekend a couple of months ago. 

I was cleaning house when I came across three issues of the very gorgeous Contemporary Art Philippines magazine. They were given to me by Tricia of ADZU GPA. This is high quality magazine - thick paper, high end printing. I needed to get rid of magazines - they were taking up too much real estate at home - but it seemed like such a waste to just throw these particular ones away. What to do? What to do?

So I got a pair of scissors (the one everybody at home is prohibited from using), some fancy glue (I had my husband buy Mod Podge for me at National Bookstore in Manila. He does not understand why a 200 peso glue exists. Neither do I, really), a wicked sharp cutter, and vellum leftover from one of my kids' school projects. 

The steps to make them are elementary, my dear watson.

choose the images you like.

cut them

 paste them

et voila, home made cards!

i was beside myself with joy at my creations. i felt so clever and so artistic. until i saw what jana, sitting across from me at the table, made:

she took the same magazine i had been cannibalizing and made a collage.

what a show off. 

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