Wednesday, September 24, 2008

From the other blogs: Monday, September 26, 2005

status report

jana the non-stop-in-the-car talker: "two ang name ni kuya, rashdi ramon. two ang name pud ni papa."
papa the cool and stoic driver: "no. papa only has one name."
jana tnsitc talker: "no. lola said two ang name ni papa: ariel, papa."


mama: it looks like you will stay in ferndale one more year. we will have another jacket made for you.
rashdi: no! i want to graduate in ateneo!
mama: huh?
rashdi: i am bored with having no internet in ferndale. you have to pay Ps 20 to use the computers there after classes.
mama: if we hooked up at home, would you stay at ferndale?
rashdi: yeeeeeeeessssssss...


tufty hair: neh!
mama and papa: you want bread and peanut butter baby?
tufty hair with two giant upper front teeth: NEH!

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