Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Because to me it's torture to endure

i hate the morning sun.


  1. thanks for following. kakastart mo lang ng blog?

  2. hi ryann! yes, this is my newest blog. my fourth blog, if you must know. but i am killing the earlier ones...

  3. do we know each other? napakamysterious naman ng dating mo. hehehehe

  4. hahaha! i just assumed you would know who i am. you will kill me if you found out, honest. should i string you along? hmmm.....

    but i will be posting stuff soon that are sure to reveal who i am, as i have decided not to make this an anonymous blog, so i am not going to torture you with trying to guess my identity.

    but you will have to wait for those posts. :)


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