Tuesday, February 10, 2015

the tragic tale of a treasure trove (a.k.a. the story of bling)

once upon a time....

i found myself with a lot of time to spare and a lot of scrap beads (aka, tira tira or retaso). i started stringing some into a bracelet, with a totally random design. i loved it! i made another one and another and still another one until i conceitedly thought to myself: "these are really cool bracelets! i am sure others will like it and want to buy it!" so i made a hundred (!). 

but you know what? people didn't buy. i've sold give or take 500 pieces of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc since i started frantically (maniacally, obsessive-compulsively) making them in 2009. 

and that's not counting the bookmarks and other....stuff.

but these bracelets. 

these lovely, quirky, whimsical, organic, cutiepie bracelets. nobody wanted them. i would display them at the store and people ignored them! what is wrong with people? why can't they see what i can see??


now i have a mountain of bracelets only i, it would seem, appreciate.

what to do with them?

well, wear them myself, of course.

last weekend i placed a handful in a row on a cork board, together with my default watch and ring so that i will not forget to wear one each time i go out.

for people who love me and will take pity on my tragic tale and offer to buy. sorry guys, i am no longer selling. #tampomode.

thanks though. i know you love me.

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  1. Zambo Girl,

    I am a proud owner of one bracelet and I miss seeing its siblings in that little shop, and the chocolates and books and jars too... =)


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