Monday, May 20, 2013

wait a minute taiwan

I understand they are upset, but physically harming Filipino workers there?

Here is what a simple google research brought up:

March 2013: police arrest and charge 24 chinese and taiwanese nationals with running a drug den in pasay.

August 2012: police arrest 5 taiwanese for manufacturing shabu factory in a metro manila suburb. Ph 150 M worth of shabu, raw materials, and equipment confiscated.

May 2012: immigration arrest 2 taiwanese for attempting to smuggle into the country illegal drugs.

March 2011: police deports 14 taiwanese caught pushing drugs.

March 2009: police raid a drug factory in Manila. The operators? 3 taiwanese.

January 2007: police arrest 2 taiwanese for manufacturing shabu in the philippines. 10 EFFING kilograms of shabu in their possession.

but do we go around attacking taiwan nationals? no. did we rally and made unfair generalizations about the taiwanese people and their government? no. did we burn their effigies? no. is shabu manufacturing a heinous crime? hell yes.

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