Wednesday, January 19, 2011

rainy days on wednesdays make me think of pan de sal and butter

which bakery in zamboanga makes the best pan de sal?

when i ask pan de sal loving people this, they tell me it is either (a) national or (b) abc.

i love pan de sal. husband prefers slice bread., the softer, the better. i like my breads and cakes to be on the rustic side, dense and hefty. something you can really really bite.

slice bread is ok. but it's bland. and soft. so i toast mine 'til its stiff, but not charcoal-y, the way a high school friend liked hers.

once toasted, i slather the toasted bread with butter.

my husband does not understand butter. his spread has to be sweet and sour, like, say, ladies' choice sandwich spread which i think is the pits. he will only use butter if there is absolutely nothing else.

this is to me the best palaman: queensland butter.

queensland used to be widely available when i was younger. i understand from my mother that now they are already hard to find. boiled camote is excellent with queensland. the two go so well together, especially if the camote is still piping hot and the butter has not been refrigerated, and is therefore it is runny.

now i am hungry.

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  1. For me it's from National. :) great to be here, I was born in Zambo but grew up in Davao. :) great to be here!


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