Wednesday, October 20, 2010

plagiarizing an amex card ad

we have a lot of magazines at home. a lot. there are erudite ones (national geo, the new yorker), gossip mags pretending to be erudite (vanity fair), fashion mags with erudite affectations (vogue), out and out fashion mags (in style, elle, bazaar), shelter, design and home (elledecor, house beautiful, martha stewart), and too much consumer reports.

i know several people who don't like magazines because they are "just mostly ads". but to me, that IS the point. i read them for their editorial content, yes. but i also read them for the ads. sometimes, the ads are better done than the editorial content, in my opinion. call me stupid but i can stare at an ad for a very long time, drooling over the picture, the color, the text, the copy. i think i am going to prod one of my kids (jana most likely) into the advertising or graphic design world so i can live out one of my dreams vicariously through her.

on the way to work this morning, this american ad on vanity fair caught my attention. isn't it beautiful? this is a series. ken watanabe is the one featured here but m. night shyamalan has done it. tina fey. eddie vader. it inspired me to do a blog post like it, where i can pretend to be an artsy celebrity and answer the questions.

My name
Yen Blanco Delgado

Childhood ambition To design houses and maybe clothes.

Fondest memory All my growing up years.

Soundtrack rock. 80s new wave and 90s alternative.

Retreat my sister's beach house in zamboanga del norte

Wildest dreams backpack all over the world with my family

Proudest moments each time our kids declare a victory. over a chore, a project.

Biggest challenge being serious.

Alarm clock my cellphone.

Perfect day hammock. beach. tree. book. ice tea. ipod.

First job teaching science in a parochial high school.

Indulgence magazines. (told you). this blog.

Last purchase professional cleaning service for a digital slr.

Favorite movie right now? pride and prejudice.

Inspiration most everything i see and hear factors in.

My life all things considered, is perfect.

My card is the lowest kind of BPI Express Credit Card.

Now, how to get a picture of myself nuzzling a horse and cuddling a dog.


  1. Indulgence magazines – true that! I’d die of boredom without my monocle, GQ, Details, Wallpaper and surface that I buy monthly. You are hilarious!

    Riiight! This “My card is the lowest kind of BPI Express Credit Card.” Really made me laugh hard. You kidding, right?

  2. i am absolutely not kidding, ram. i am a bad credit prospect for the banks, i guess. hehe.

    i like details and GQ but i have not read monocle nor surface. are they any good? wallpaper is too urbane and avant garde for me.

  3. a lot find monocle boring since it just aint a fashion magazine. I have like 24 copies haha. Surface is good too, though a bit on the indie side compared to GQ and Details. I'll visit your store when I fly to Zamboanga this Friday

  4. hey buddha b, you forgot to visit! and i was so looking forward to it. merry christmas and happy new year!


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